Using Bulk Commands

Bulk functionality is available for many Code42 CLI methods, more details on which commands have bulk capabilities can be found in the Commands Documentation.

All bulk methods take a CSV file as input.

The generate-template command can be used to create a CSV file with the necessary headers for a particular command.

For instance, the following command will create a file named devices_bulk_deactivate.csv with a single column header row of guid.

code42 devices bulk generate-template deactivate

The CSV file can contain more columns than are necessary for the command, however then the header row is required.

If the CSV file contains the exact number of columns that are necessary for the command then the header row is optional, but columns are expected to be in the same order as the template.

To run a bulk method, simply pass the CSV file path to the desired command. For example, you would use to following command to deactivate multiple devices within your organization at once:

code42 devices bulk deactivate devices_bulk_deactivate.csv