Manage Detection List Users

Use the departing-employee commands to add employees to or remove employees from the Departing Employees list. Use the high-risk-employee commands to add employees to or remove employees from the High Risk list, or update risk tags for those users.

To see a list of all the users currently in your organization, you can export a list from the Users action menu.

Get CSV template

To add multiple users to the Departing Employees list:

  1. Generate a CSV template. Below is an example command for generating a template to use to add employees to the Departing Employees list. Once generated, the CSV file is saved to your current working directory.
code42 departing-employee bulk generate-template add
  1. Use the CSV template to enter the employees’ information. Only the Code42 username is required. If added, the departure date must be in yyyy-MM-dd format. Note: you are only able to add departure dates during the add operation. If you don’t include --departure-date, you can only add one later by removing and then re-adding the employee.
  2. Save the CSV file.

Add users to the Departing Employees list

Once you have entered the employees’ information in the CSV file, use the bulk add command with the CSV file path to add multiple users at once. For example:

code42 departing-employee bulk add /Users/astrid.ludwig/add_departing_employee.csv

Remove users

You can remove one or more users from the High Risk Employees list. Use code42 departing-employee remove to remove a single user.

To remove multiple users at once:

  1. Create a CSV file with one username per line.
  2. Save the file to your current working directory.
  3. Use the bulk remove command. For example:
code42 high-risk-employee bulk remove /Users/matt.allen/remove_high_risk_employee.csv

Learn more about the Departing Employee and High Risk Employee commands.