Ingest file event data or alerts into a SIEM tool

This guide provides instructions on using the CLI to ingest Code42 file event data or alerts into a security information and event management (SIEM) tool like LogRhythm, Sumo Logic, or IBM QRadar.


To ingest file events or alerts into a SIEM tool using the Code42 command-line interface, the Code42 user account running the integration must be assigned roles that provide the necessary permissions.

Before you begin

First install and configure the Code42 CLI following the instructions in Getting Started.

Run queries

You can get file events in either a JSON or CEF format for use by your SIEM tool. Alerts data is available in JSON format. You can query the data as a scheduled job or run ad-hoc queries. Learn more about searching using the CLI.

Run a query as a scheduled job

Use your favorite scheduling tool, such as cron or Windows Task Scheduler, to run a query on a regular basis. Specify the profile to use by including --profile. An example using the send-to command to forward only the new file event data since the previous request to an external syslog server:

code42 security-data send-to -p UDP --profile profile1 -c syslog_sender

An example to send to the syslog server only the new alerts that meet the filter criteria since the previous request:

code42 alerts send-to -p UDP --profile profile1 --rule-name “Source code exfiltration” --state OPEN -i

As a best practice, use a separate profile when executing a scheduled task. Using separate profiles can help prevent accidental updates to your stored checkpoints, for example, by adding --use-checkpoint to adhoc queries.

Run an ad-hoc query

Examples of ad-hoc queries you can run are as follows.

Print file events since March 5 for a user in raw JSON format:

code42 security-data search -f RAW-JSON -b 2020-03-05 --c42-username ''

Print file events since March 5 where a file was synced to a cloud service:

code42 security-data search -t  CloudStorage -b 2020-03-05

Write to a text file the file events in raw JSON format where a file was read by browser or other app for a user since March 5:

code42 security-data search -f RAW-JSON -b 2020-03-05 -t ApplicationRead --c42-username '' > /Users/sangita.maskey/Downloads/c42cli_output.txt

Print alerts since May 5 where a file’s cloud share permissions changed:

code42 alerts print -b 2020-05-05 --rule-type FedCloudSharePermissions

Example output for a single file exposure event (in default JSON format):

    "eventId": "0_c4b5e830-824a-40a3-a6d9-345664cfbb33_942704829036142720_944009394534374185_342",
    "eventType": "CREATED",
    "eventTimestamp": "2020-03-05T14:45:49.662Z",
    "insertionTimestamp": "2020-03-05T15:10:47.930Z",
    "filePath": "C:/Users/sean.cassidy/Google Drive/",
    "fileName": "1582938269_Longfellow_Cloud_Arch_Redesign.drawio",
    "fileType": "FILE",
    "fileCategory": "DOCUMENT",
    "fileSize": 6025,
    "fileOwner": "Administrators",
    "md5Checksum": "9ab754c9133afbf2f70d5fe64cde1110",
    "sha256Checksum": "8c6ba142065373ae5277ecf9f0f68ab8f9360f42a82eb1dec2e1816d93d6b1b7",
    "createTimestamp": "2020-03-05T14:29:33.455Z",
    "modifyTimestamp": "2020-02-29T01:04:31Z",
    "deviceUserName": "",
    "osHostName": "LAPTOP-091",
    "domainName": "",
    "publicIpAddress": "",
    "privateIpAddresses": [
    "deviceUid": "942704829036142720",
    "userUid": "887050325252344565",
    "source": "Endpoint",
    "exposure": [
    "syncDestination": "GoogleBackupAndSync"

Example output for a single alert (in default JSON format):

{"type$": "ALERT_DETAILS",
"tenantId": "c4b5e830-824a-40a3-a6d9-345664cfbb33",
"name": "Cloud Share",
"description": "Alert Rule for data exfiltration via Cloud Share",
"actor": "",
"target": "N/A",
"severity": "HIGH",
"ruleId": "408eb1ae-587e-421a-9444-f75d5399eacb",
"ruleSource": "Alerting",
"id": "7d936d0d-e783-4b24-817d-f19f625e0965",
"createdAt": "2020-05-22T09:47:33.8863230Z",
"state": "OPEN",
"observations": [{"type$": "OBSERVATION",
"id": "4bc378e6-bfbd-40f0-9572-6ed605ea9f6c",
"observedAt": "2020-05-22T09:40:00.0000000Z",
"type": "FedCloudSharePermissions",
"id": "4bc378e6-bfbd-40f0-9572-6ed605ea9f6c",
"sources": ["GoogleDrive"],
"exposureTypes": ["PublicLinkShare"],
"firstActivityAt": "2020-05-22T09:40:00.0000000Z",
"lastActivityAt": "2020-05-22T09:45:00.0000000Z",
"fileCount": 1,
"totalFileSize": 6025,
"fileCategories": [{"type$": "OBSERVED_FILE_CATEGORY", "category": "Document", "fileCount": 1, "totalFileSize": 6025, "isSignificant": false}],
"files": [{"type$": "OBSERVED_FILE", "eventId": "1hHdK6Qe6hez4vNCtS-UimDf-sbaFd-D7_3_baac33d0-a1d3-4e0a-9957-25632819eda7", "name": "1590140395_Longfellow_Cloud_Arch_Redesign.drawio", "category": "Document", "size": 6025}],
"outsideTrustedDomainsEmailsCount": 0, "outsideTrustedDomainsTotalDomainCount": 0, "outsideTrustedDomainsTotalDomainCountTruncated": false}}]}

CEF Mapping

The following tables map the file event data from the Code42 CLI to common event format (CEF).

Attribute mapping

The table below maps JSON fields, CEF fields, and Forensic Search fields to one another.

JSON field CEF field Forensic Search field
actor suser Actor
cloudDriveId aid n/a
createTimestamp fileCreateTime File Created Date
deviceUid deviceExternalId n/a
deviceUserName suser Username (Code42)
domainName dvchost Fully Qualified Domain Name
eventId externalID n/a
eventTimestamp end Date Observed
exposure reason Exposure Type
fileCategory fileType File Category
fileName fname Filename
filePath filePath File Path
fileSize fsize File Size
insertionTimestamp rt n/a
md5Checksum fileHash MD5 Hash
modifyTimesamp fileModificationTime File Modified Date
osHostName shost Hostname
processName sproc Executable Name (Browser or Other App)
processOwner spriv Process User (Browser or Other App)
publiclpAddress src IP Address (public)
removableMediaBusType cs1, Code42AEDRemovableMediaBusType Device Bus Type (Removable Media)
removableMediaCapacity cn1, Code42AEDRemovableMediaCapacity Device Capacity (Removable Media)
removableMediaName cs3, Code42AEDRemovableMediaName Device Media Name (Removable Media)
removableMediaSerialNumber cs4 Device Serial Number (Removable Media)
removableMediaVendor cs2, Code42AEDRemovableMediaVendor Device Vendor (Removable Media)
sharedWith duser Shared With
syncDestination destinationServiceName Sync Destination (Cloud)
url filePath URL
userUid suid n/a
windowTitle requestClientApplication Tab/Window Title
tabUrl request Tab URL
emailSender suser Sender
emailRecipients duser Recipients

Event mapping

See the table below to map file events to CEF signature IDs.

Exfiltration event CEF field